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Our Story

By Biolinks on January 28, 2021 0 Comments

This is the death of Link Tree, Shorby…

Only joking.

However the biggest challenge we see with organic Social Media is knowing how to get a decent ROI from it – in terms of Leads and Sales.

Followers etc are cool and show engagement but it stops there.

We’ve been running Paid Lead Generation campaigns for the last 10 years and I’ve learnt a few things that make a successful lead generation campaign.

They are:

  1. Know your Audience
  2. Killer Hook or Offer
  3. Give it to them in the easiest way possible (At least for them to take the first step)

With Ad platforms getting more competitive, expensive and even volatile I’ve turned my attention to generate leads organically from Social Media through building relationships with value adding content.

We see a Social Media profile as the ideal place to do that. It’s your “Digital Shop Window”.

Now most profiles only have the option to share 1 link to a website / landing page etc.

And there are plenty of Link Bio tools out there too (LinkTree, Shorby to name a few) which allows you to share links to lots of places which is great.

But they didn’t really cut it from a Lead Generation / Direct Response point of view.

This is where Biolinks was born.

We’ve taken the features of the very common Link Bio tools and turned it into a Lead Generation Machine.

We wanted to make it easy to:

  • Introduce yourself to your followers with a Video with your Killer Hook or Offer
  • Capture REAL leads with Name, Email and Phone Number
  • Allow leads to Book Appointments directly from the Bio Page
  • Provide other features to help build trust such as FAQ, Google Reviews and more.

We are really excited to go on this journey and help thousands of Social Media users get an ROI that will make a difference to their world.

Ready to give us a try? Start your Free 7 Day Trial.

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